•  Erik - Missouri     
    Paul from St Louis Smart Homes installed a Nest IQ on our garage and a doorbell cam in June of 2017 and on October 28th, 2018, they paid for themselves 100 times over. I returned home that evening at 10:15pm and as you'll see in the footage, a man walking by saw my arrival as an opportunity and approached the house after I was inside. These cameras, expertly installed by Paul, alerted me and I watched all the footage you're about to see in real time from my iPhone as the man messed with the garage keypad and then looked in the sidelight of my front door while repeatedly reaching into his jacket. Without these cameras, I would have been oblivious to his presence. Someone asked me how much it cost to mount the cameras. I told them that I would pay 100 times what I did based on this one experience. My thanks to Paul Brown and St Louis Smart Home. 



  • Jake Allen                    September 02, 2019   
    Awesome job extremely knowledgeable will use them in the future for sure.  
  • Anonymous                   August 30, 2019   
    Incredibly professional, courteous and flexible. I would highly recommend their services!  
  • Mohit Garg                   August 26, 2019   
    It was a great experience. The technician appeared to be well versed with the overall air conditioning architecture and was very quick in spotting the issue. Highly recommended!    
  • Barry S.                   August 19, 2019   
    Very professional.  Called when he was on is way to our house.  Explained what he was doing and why. Worked quickly.  Cost was reasonable.  
  • Fowler Family                   August 18, 2019   
    Incredibly personalized service. The owner truly cares about your family and your experience. The owner is hands-on and makes sure everything is perfect. We are  so happy with them we wish we could take them with us to our homes accords the nation.
  • Scott     August 17, 2019
    Great to work with. Explained everything and made it easy!
  • Anonymous     August 07, 2019
    Very professional, courteous and quick. I am interested in working with them to add more smart features to our home.
  • Chaz     August 01, 2019
    Excellent communication, excellent service installation.
  • Anonymous     July 28, 2019
  • Anonymous     July 27, 2019
    Professional and very courteous. Got the Job Done !!!
  • Anonymous     July 05, 2019
    Quick Professional install. Everything finished on time and within their estimated price.
  • Megan O     July 04, 2019
  • Alex T.     July 04, 2019
    Excellent install job from Ken and the team at St Louis Smart Home!
    This guy knew his stuff and found the issue in a timely manner. He was courteous, knowledgable and professional. I would definitely call them again for work.
  • St. Louis Nest User     June 01, 2019
    Extremely professional and personable. My wiring wasn’t the best but instead of saying the job couldn’t be done he did all he could to perform a successful install. He was courteous of my animals and wanted to make sure they didn’t get out. The job was done quick and the Nest Hello was installed better than if I had taken a crack at it. He even ran me through some tips and tricks for better utilization.
  • Mary HS     May 23, 2019
    Very helpful. Made sure I know what was going on and tried to save money by not doing unnecessary updates
  • Anonymous     May 19, 2019
    Very professional. Did a fantastic job of explaining everything and making sure we were satisfied. Will probably be using them in the future.
  • Anonymous     May 17, 2019
    Paul was thorough in his inquiry of my needs and then proposed enough options from which I could choose. Installation was done in a workmanlike manner and Paul lingered to make sure I knew how the equipment worked. The Nest PRO cameras he installed are working beautifully. I would definitely use Paul and St Louis Smart Home in the future.
  • Mike     May 04, 2019
  • Anonymous     April 19, 2019
  • Anonymous     April 16, 2019
    St. Louis Smart Home is incredible! They were prompt on getting back to me a quote, had a pleasing discussion that detailed how they would do the install. On the day of install the care and attention I received were exceptional! It's hard to find companies like St. Louis Smart Home these days. This company truly cares and wants to make sure you are 100% satisfied with their work. I will be using this company for all of my Nest needs.
  • Matthew     April 14, 2019
    I messaged St. Louis Snary Home on a Tuesday and by Friday morning I was fully installed. Paul showed up within the requested installation window and was done in less than 30 minutes. He was very polite and knowledgeable. This was a wonderful experience and I would happily use them again.
  • Anonymous     April 07, 2019
    Reasonable rates and professional service!
  • Nancy     March 28, 2019
    Paul was great! He not only installed the Nest Hello expertly and efficiently, but taught me how to use it in many different ways during the install. He really knows and values the smart home and his experience was so helpful throughout the experience. He also talked me through several ideas for future improvement to the Nest technology in the house at my request. I had several Sonos speakers that were not working wirelessly any more and he immediately knew again how to get them working. He is really a wonderful teacher throughout the process. 
  • Anonymous     March 16, 2019
    After the frustration of my husband attempting the install of our Hello and calling an electrical company to try and straighten things out, it took the Nest Pros just a short time to get the doorbell working If you can't do the install yourself, don't waste time or $$ with anyone else. Most regular electricians are clueless about this equipment...highly recommend these guys both for the professionalism and knowledge.
  • Anonymous     March 15, 2019
    They fit me in very quickly, Steve came within the given time window, and fixed the problem with my Hello quickly.
  • Cindy and Jeff     February 16, 2019
    Paul with St Louis Smart Home was outstanding. I was skeptical about the nest in general because I am not as technical as my husband. Paul walked me through the whole installation and I am a believer. I love it and can’t wait to add more devices to our new google home system.
  • Joe     January 10, 2019
    Kinda like hiring an electronics advisor to represent you, not just with the job but also with your service provider. Great job, very knowledgeable.
  • Anonymous     January 05, 2019
    Very professional, friendly, and knowledgeable
  • Jaclyn G     January 05, 2019
    St Louis Smart Home was SO incredibly easy to work with. My husband tried to install himself but we had some wiring issues so we called them! He responded quickly and came when convenient for us! He quickly found the problem and showed my husband (whose nosey) what needed to be changed! He helped us set it up on our phones and also explained to us what we needed in our WiFi to make them run better (upload speeds not download)! He was extremely knowledgeable and very kind! We will definitely be calling them for any other smart home needs!! ...Read More >
  • Anonymous     December 27, 2018
    Super helpful installer. He found time to fit me in his busy schedule to complete my install. When my doorbell camera (which I installed) wasn't performing correctly, he revisited me, eager to help find a solution. I ended up needing a brand new transformer, which he installed on site and even checked my doorbell and chime no questions asked. I would trust him to add any smart devices and will call him in the future when I add more to my home.
  • Anonymous     December 10, 2018
    Both the technicians were highly skilled and very personable. There was support so I understood how to use these devices and a generous offer to call with questions/concerns afterwards. Highest recommendations!
  • Chad W     December 06, 2018
    Paul was the utmost professional. He assisted us with two Nest doorbells and a Thermostat. He has great problem solving skills and makes great recommendations.
  • Mary in Ballwin     November 21, 2018
    Paul Brown from St. Louis Smart Home arrived promptly. He set about correcting the errors made by a previous installer. He hit all of the bases and we now have a working Nest Hello. He patiently explained the Nest app. He was prompt, considerate, courteous and professional. A definite asset to Nest. I would recommend to my friends that they contact him directly rather than taking pot luck from the company Nest hires. The Nest Hello is a very good product and the installer should be also.
  • HNathanson     November 21, 2018
    Paul (owner of St. Louis Smart Home) showed up on time and provided an professional and efficient installation. The system kicked in beautifully. He encouraged questions and knew the Nest system very well. When the utility company arrived a few days later, the Nest worked without any hiccups. In fact the guy from the gas company told me Nest installations were a pain, which made me appreciate Paul's work even more. Paul told me he would be happy to answer any future questions and I should give him a call if I had any. I would happily recommend St. Louis Smart Home.
  • Bms     November 04, 2018
    Excellent service. Top quality installation
  • Mary Lou     November 03, 2018
    Paul excels at product knowledge, installation and setup! I was very pleased with his professionalism and support! I was also very comfortable with him in my home! He made sure I understood my Nest products and how to use them! He was very kind to me by answering questions before I chose him! Highly recommended him as he epitomizes excellent customer service!
  • Greg     October 31, 2018
    Quick to respond to service request. Very friendly and informative during the pre-installation as well as the installation process.
  • Anonymous     October 22, 2018
    Great service, was able to resolve a couple of issues after we had a new furnace/AC installed... new Nest is...Read More >
  • Anonymous     September 10, 2018
    Very professional, helpful, and friendly while setting up our Nest doorbell!
  • Amy     September 03, 2018
    Wow! Couldn’t be happier with their service. Paul responded immediately and came out the next day after we contacted him. He spent a good bit of time with us determining what our needs were and did the bulk of the installation the next day. Very quick and thorough and made sure we understood everything and has made himself available to answer questions. He and Steve did a great job and the views from the cameras and doorbell are amazingly clear. We highly recommend them!!
  • Anonymous     August 26, 2018
    Paul did an awesome job troubleshooting in our 80 year old home to get our doorbell installed.
  • Anonymous     April 27, 2018
    St Louis Smart home is very good at what they do! From installation, setup, and teaching everything you need to know about your smart products, they have it covered!
  • Ken     April 23, 2018
    Great installation and service. Paul helped get everything setup and ensured we knew how to use the app. Both the Nest and Hello are working perfectly.
  • Andrew     April 22, 2018
    Paul was the nicest guy. He not only did a fantastic job but he didn’t leave until my wife and I were educated on our new nest thermostat. Highly recommended and we will use him again.
  • Tori     April 22, 2018
    I was so glad Paul and his team came out to install our Nest security system, doorbell, and cameras today. Everything he said was accurate, took his time to train us, and he even vacuumed up any mess they made. True professionals. I would highly recommend him.
  • Lis     April 22, 2018
    Paul was very professional and honest. I’m so glad I had him out to do our work any completed everything to her liking. The doorbell and thermostat work perfect
  • Anjali     April 18, 2018
    Highly professional, and very knowledgeable about the whole line of products.
  • Jose Roberto Lopez     April 10, 2018
    Paul was great. He was quick and helpful and explained everything clearly.
  • Greg G.     April 04, 2018
    Paul is a real pro, as well as a nice guy. Really knows the Nest products well. Showed me a lot I didn’t know and did a great job installing the doorbell and another exterior camera.
  • K McMackins     April 03, 2018
    I always dread having any work done in my home because I stay home with 2 small children who are on a strict schedule and having anyone else in our home can be of great distraction and throw off our whole day but our installer, Paul was very understanding of this even during our initial phone call. He was very respectful and cautious while at my home. Super friendly and professional. Not to mention he was extremely knowledgeable with the products he was installing and how to install them properly and efficiently! I appreciated him asking questions first to verify as well as showing me how to use all of the features for our Nest doorbell and IQ camera. He was very patient with my kids & dogs too!
  • Sharon Dash     March 27, 2018
    Paul Brown came out to do my installation. I got so much more than I paid for. He was friendly, knowledgeable , patient ( with me ) and explained the system to me fully ! Thank you Nest for a great device. Thank you Paul for a great install !!! The 2 go hand in hand. Nest & Paul, both ....... winners !
  • Anonymous     March 27, 2018
    Polite, professional, and competent. Paul provided several tips about Nest products that went beyond just the installation of my Nest Hello Doorbell.
  • tj     March 22, 2018
    Paul was great!! He took the time to do the job right and explain every facet of the products installed (thermostat and Yale lock). I would highly recommend St. Louis Smart Home for all of your Nest installation needs.
  • Anonymous     March 07, 2018
    Very professional, friendly, and performed the necessary work well. Am extremely pleased with the job that was done. Thank you.
  • Don     February 23, 2018
    I had several companies come out and St. Louis Smart home was the most knowledgeable company that I spoke with. After helping install my cameras I had them do my smoke detectors and thermostat. I am glad I had Paul and his team do the job.
  • Steve Van Sickel of St. Louis     February 14, 2018
    Paul Brown of St. Louis Smart Home was great. We had an issue with the wiring of an old heating and A/C unit and my new Nest thermostat, he stayed with the problem along with Nest support on the phone for over an hour until they figured out how to fix the problem and then had Nest comp me for the additional wiring issue. Both Paul and Nest are great to work with and go out of the way to make sure the customer is taken care of and leave with the job completed.
  • Anonymous     February 09, 2018
    They did a great job and were honest about everything.
  • Pete Gavornik     January 28, 2018
    Several years ago, I DYI installed 3 Nest Gen-2 thermostats for 2 heat pumps (upstairs/downstairs) and a whole-house gas furnace. Worked great. Last month the three 32-year old systems were replaced by a single dual-fuel multi-stage system with built-in humidifier and 2 zone dampers controlled by 2 Nests. Our well-regarded dealer/installer was not a Nest Pro. The set-up was all goofed-up. Multiple return visits did not get it right. After the last visit, at 3:00 P.M. I called St. Louis Smart Home. Nest Pro Paul Brown took make/model/SN over the phone, did the research, and showed up at 8:00 P.M. with the correct 9-wires (that's a lot) wiring diagram. He re-wired correctly, corrected incorrect settings, and checked everything out. Our complex system now runs perfectly; all functions properly integrated and controlled by 2 Nests. The best part was Paul took the time to explain (teach really) at every step. I feel 100% comfortable I know it is 100% right. Thank *Y*O*U* Paul Brown.
  • Anonymous     January 21, 2018
    Knowledgeable, professional, and courteous. Safety conscious and through!
  • Anonymous     January 16, 2018
    Came out at midnight because we didn’t have any heat and made sure that we had heat before he left. Did great work and would recommend to anyone. Made sure everything was done right.
  • Una     January 14, 2018
    He was here the following day to install. He did an excellent job. Even adjusted vents downstairs to help air flow to other areas of the house
  • David Luchenbill     January 08, 2018
    Extremely friendly and very thorough. Spent time explaining problems we were having and fixed them very professionally.
  • The Grate Family     January 02, 2018
    We arrived home to a Nest Thermostat not working and 4 degree weather (feels like -12). We have two small children and needed to figure out the situation fast- it is amazing how 3 hours of a messed up thermostat can affect the inside temps! Paul came to our house within an hour or so of contacting him and prior to arriving talked me through taking pictures of our equipment and preparing to come save our Nest! He had the heat up and running in no time and was very considerate of our home and our needs! He was VERY friendly, efficient and was very transparent about what was going on, what needed to be done and telling us about what when wrong and why it went wrong! He is very informed about everything Nest and HVAC and is a great resource for creating and maintaining a smart home and all of the accessories that come with it! We are very happy we found such a wonderful, informed person to help us with our heat emergency and with our future projects! 
  • Brian & Rebecca     January 02, 2018 
  • I sent out a request on a Sunday and a holiday weekend to 3 of the listed installers and heard back the same day from St. Louis smart home. The very next day he came to install our nest. He was very thorough and took the time to show us how other products in the same family could benifit our home.
  • Anonymous     December 10, 2017
    Needed emergency help, they were professional all the way.
  • Matt     December 08, 2017
    Paul was very good. He didn't rush the installation, and made sure everything was running properly before leaving.
  • Sue - Lake St. Louis, MO     December 07, 2017
    Paul was an absolute professional through the whole process. He came first with an estimate and really listened to our needs. The install was just as easy. He made sure everything was where we wanted and provided tips. Excellent customer service!
  • One Happy Customer     November 30, 2017
    WOW! I would not have anyone else install my nest products. They installed my Nest Camera's and Thermostat. Extremely professional and expert service technicians. They even found things the last guys missed. Don’t call anyone else. On time, on budget, and done right the first time.
  • Jason     November 22, 2017
    I interviewed a lot of the Nest Pro installers and found www.StLouisSmartHome.com the most knowledgeable of all of them. They did not have any pushy sales people trying to sell me products that I did not need but rather experts trying to understand my concerns and what works best for my home. I highly recommend them for any of your Smart Home needs or even a Nest Thermostat install. The install that they provided was very professional and clean.

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